The last nine years have been the hottest years. The last several months have had the highest temperatures on record. But we don’t have to lose hope. As people alive right now, we are contributing actively to the world of the future. Our thoughts and actions matter. No matter how “small” you think your impact may be, it makes a difference. If there is any hope for the future, it is in one another.

Power is a constellation, not a pyramid. The world we live in seems hierarchical, because this illusion works best for the people who have the most to gain. In actuality, everyone has power. But our power lies in recognizing that we do. Doomism plays into hierarchical power structures.

Society has changed before, and it will change again. Efforts like the civil rights movement changed the face of society for the better. People like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King refused to accept the status quo, and believed in a better future. We owe it to ourselves to do the same. Society will change, and it’s up to us to imagine and expect the best, not the worst. The Earth has an incredible capacity to heal, we just have to give her a chance. Art and music featured this day will reflect this power of renewal.

Saturday – Resilience of Nature
5pm – Try Not To Quit – Performance
6pm – Casey Chisholm
7pm – The Lodestones
8pm – Future Twin
9pm – Minor Birds
10pm – Awahnichi and Talking Ghost
11pm – Doors Close