Participating Artists

The LAST EARTH project is a collaboration
between many local creators.


Jen Fletcher – Artist/Recycler
Project leader and environmental activist. Head of Environmental Experiences.

Richard Call – Creative Technologist
Technological wizardry and geodesic engineering.

Joel Wilde – FoundUnsound
Found Sound is a term used to describe the art of taking sounds of every day life and creating something musical out of them. FoundUnsound is something else…  The project started as a music/noise endeavor using modular synths, but slowly morphed into creating a visual layer to sounds using found footage and a system of analog and digital devices wired together with what looks like spaghetti. They bend and break and glitch these video signals and reassemble them into something entirely different. All of these steps can be synced to, or influenced by,  sounds and voltages to create another layer to the experience of live music. FoundUnsound will be bringing their glitched out, brain bending, reactive visuals to the Last Earth stage all Earth Day Weekend long! 

Casey Chisholm – Audio/Visual
A pillar of the underground music and art scene. Casey will create audio and visual experiences.

Zac Calbert – Lead Designer
TV Wall installation, visual content composition, poster design.

Caralee Young – RAT SHOW

Recycled Art show curator
Creator of upcycled magic


Future Twin is the moniker for generative musician and multi-media artist Jean Jeanie. She is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer and dancer. She describes her sound as avant pop. Deli Magazine calls it “soul-gayz.” 

​”Her songs and voice seem to stop time, bend it, transport us to when and where you feel music creates insurrection. Where love matters like nothing else. A time when gender doesn’t come packaged with pain. A place beyond cynicism where visions of the apocalypse are replaced by the politics of the imagination.

It’s hard to be certain if she’s right, looking out at the planet Future Twin currently calls home. But as long as there is music this good to be found in between the cracks, there is hope for redemption.”

– Excerpts written by James Tracy, author of “Dispatches Against Displacement,” “Hillbilly Nationalists,” and “Urban Race Rebels.” 

Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences including modern indie, 70s prog, post-punk, and chamber pop, From Flowers to Flies have crafted a darkly engaging sound that is wholly their own. The band, based in California’s Central Valley, formed in 2022 out of a desire to make cathartic music that was indicative of these uncertain times. Their songs hurtle through a landscape of anxiety and apocalyptic imagery, but never stray too far from a throughline of hope. They’ve played for audiences in the Fresno area, the Sierra foothills, San Francisco, and the North Bay Area and have been featured on KMPH Fox26 and Fresno’s New Rock 104.1 FM. Their debut album, We Built This Machine, was released on January 19th, 2024.


are a 5 people Beach/Goth/Indie Rock band from Merced California. 

Awahnichi is the moniker of RC Essig (previously of El Olio Wolof and Radioactive Cauliflower) who writes and sings poetic tales of sorrow and beauty. 

AWAHNICHI AND TALKING GHOSTS is his latest project. Along with Vanessa – Keys/Percussion (Awahnichi 500 SEEDS), Brian – Bass (El Olio Wolof -accordion), Joey – Percussion (Eye of Aquila – drums), Nicole (introducing). Together they write thoughtful spooky bangers and pour them out from their hearts onto stages. The band played their first show in January of 2023, have recorded an EP, and will be releasing a full length in 2024.

RC has been a central figure in the West Coast Indie scene. Either solo or with his bands he’s played with many amazing acts. Including Xiu Xiu, Shannon Shaw, Pinback, Islands, Y La Bamba, David Dondero, Mira, Decemberists, Mount Erie, Deerhoof, Cave Singers, Lord Huron and many amazing others.

Wet Meadow

Raging against the everyday with a dose of psychedelic sludge that will leave you in a state of perpetual dampness.

1000% Rock’N’Roll from Columbia, California!

Jorden Woodworth – Illustrator

Graffiti art.

Corrina Male – Sound Bathing
A sound, energy, & intuitive healer, Reiki practitioner.