As the world continues to warm at an uncontrolled rate and we are fed live updates about the earth’s demise each day, Last Earth begins its performance cycle by reflecting on the hard truths of where overproduction, overconsumption, and a disposable, single-use lifestyle have gotten us.

Fires are blazing, hurricanes are intensifying, and historic heatwaves are increasing. We’re reaping the consequences of decades of climate denialism, endless economic growth, and lack of action. Can you withstand the weight and noise? Video art and live music performances will reflect the Excess and Destruction of the current world.

Friday – Excess and Destruction
5pm – Doors Open
6pm – Recycled Art Show Opening
7pm – Grime Spree
8pm – C.A.F.
9pm – From Flowers to Flies
10pm – Wet Meadow
11pm – Doors Close